How to install Deckpin to my store?
Go to Online store > Theme > Customize > Add new Section > Deckpin Stories. [Watch a video tutorial]
How to use Deckpin widget?
[Here] you can watch a full using and installation guide.
What are stories?
Stories are a visual content format available for content creators, focused on delivering full-screen mobile experiences. They are similar to Instagram and Snapchat stories.
How does the Deckpin widget affect my store speed?
Our widget loads quicker than Google Analytics and keeps your store lightning fast
Do I need Instagram profile to use it?
No. Deckpin is a stand-alone app and you can upload your stories directly to your account in spite of your Instagram.
When I go to "Add Section" in my there, there isn't anything listed for Deckpin App
Usually, the reason is you are trying to install it in a Trial or Custome theme - if this is the case try this method instead.
Can I add Deckpin stories to a different page instead of the homepage?
1. Go to your Deckpin account > Setting > Copy your Deckpin js tagYou can add the feed to any place you want in your store.
2. Go to the page where you want to add your feed, click on the code button "<>" and paste the following Deckpin js tag.